About The Club
November 11th, 2013 by Lisa Privett

Lisa established Happy Days Gym Club after returning from Zimbabwe, where she was involved with the development and coaching of Gymnastics and Movement.  The club offers a wide selection of classes to suit various ages and abilities (see classes & structure information page)

The aim of the club is to focus on small age groups, allowing early movement of children into older age groups dependent upon ability, or allowing children to remain together with their friends, where possible. We offer a high ratio of staff to children and the founder Lisa believes in a non-competitive approach.  Lessons are designed to be interesting, fun and progressive, but still providing and expecting the highest of standards.

Participation in gymnastic & movement classes provides the child with a great foundation and has many benefits including physical, cognitive, psychological.  Skills children gain from our classes will continue benefiting them throughout their lives and act as a great foundation for furthering their gymnastics or in whichever sport they decide to pursue.

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